A Late Prehistoric Platform Mound
in Western Arkansas

By Gregory Vogel




Early in 2006, the Archaeological Conservancy acquired
Cavanaugh Mound, helping to ensure it will be preserved
for the future. The Archeological Conservancy publishes
the magazine American Archaeology, which contained a
short article about Cavanaugh Mound in the Winter 2005-
2006 issue (Vol. 9, No. 4, p. 44).

History of Investigations
Size and Shape of the Mound
The Artifacts
The Tunnels
The Historic Cemetery
The Gift Shop
Aerial Photographs
Mounds in the Arkansas River Valley
Conclusions and Further Questions
References Cited
Gallery of All Figures

This paper summarizes previous investigations, brings new evidence to light, and raises new questions concerning Cavanaugh Mound, a late prehistoric earthen structure located in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Cavanaugh is mostly intact and well-preserved for a mound of this age in this region. There appears to be no associated village area, and no other associated mounds, making Cavanaugh somewhat unusual. It is likely that it was associated with the Spiro site, about 15 km to the west, but this has yet to be definitely established.

Several of the ideas I explore in this paper, including the organization of mounds in the Arkansas valley, and mound viewsheds, are more fully developed in my dissertation here.

This paper was originally published in Caddoan Archaeology Journal, Volume 14, pp. 35-63, 2005.

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