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This page contains information about SIUE's world-famous atlatl team.

Volunteer Opportunity: On Friday, Aprille 23, from 9:30 to 2:00, the SIUE atlatl team will have a booth at the Extension Service's "Conservation Day" at beautiful Pere Marquette State Park Conservation Day highlights several aspects of this area's natural environment and history for local fifth graders, and this year we will be set up with an atlatl range - we'll give each group a short talk on local archaeology, then let them try their hand at throwing atlatls. Fifth graders armed with spears - I would appreciate any help I can get! No experience is necessary, just patience and an enthusiasm for archaeology and education. I can provide transportation and you'll receive a free lunch - please let me know if you can help out:

The third meeting of the SIUE Atlatl Team was a great success, with a huge amount of prestige bestowed upon all atlatlists – full results below.

The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, Aprille 26 - weather permitting. Watch this website for updates on the meeting status.


Gregory Vogel, SUIE Atlatl Team Coach

Results of the Early Archaic-style death match, April 6:

Round 1:

20 m Steve wounds Dan Katie kills Dan  
15 m Steve wounds Ryan Katie kills Ryan  
10 m Steve wounds Shannon    
9 m Shannon wounds Steve Katie kills Shannon  
8 m Steve wounds Ashley Sarah kills Steve Katie kills Ashley
7 m Katie wounds Sarah Sarah wounds Katie  
6 m Katie kills Sarah    
Final result: Katie rules the Early Archaic.

Round 2:

20 m Steve wounds Ryan    
18 m Shannon wounds Steve Katie wounds Dan Steve kills Dan
16 m Steve wounds Katie    
14 m Katie kills Ryan    
12 m Katie wounds Shannon    
10 m Shannon wounds Sarah Sarah wounds Ashley Katie kills Shannon
10 m (2) Sarah kills Katie Ashley kills Sarah Sarah Kills Ashley
Final result: Everyone dies, but an equal amount of prestige is shared by all.



Scores from the March 29:
Rules: Each atlatlist tosses two sets of darts each for accuracy and distance. For accuracy, each atlatlist gets eight darts to toss at either a 15-meter target or a 20-meter target (atlatlist's choice). A hit at the 15 meter target earns 5 points; a hit at the 20 meter target earns 10 points. For distance, each atlatlist tosses four darts, and the longest of the four is measured. The lowest accuracy score and lowest distance score of each atlatlist is dropped, with each atlatlist's final score being the total of their longest toss in distance plus their best accuracy score. You may recognize this as a modified version of the famous "Binford Toss and Drop Zone" scoring system for atlatl tournaments.

Score matrix (d = low score dropped; * = outstanding or better score)

Atlatlist Accuracy 1 Distance 1 Accuracy 2 Distance 2 Score Notes
Ryan 15 41.8 0d 40.1d 56.8* Most consistently high distance
Dan 10 38.1 5d 16.7d 48.1* High accuracy and consistent disatnce
Shannon 5d 27.7 15 25.7d 42.7* Most improved accuracy (tie)
Steven 30 57.4d 10d 63.6 93.6* Team distance record
Katie 0d 42.1d 5 46.2 51.2* Most improved accuracy (tie)
Grace 0d 19.3d 5 19.5 24.5* Best score for rookie
James 40 55.4 10d 51.6d 95.4* Overall tournament winner

More information to come soon.


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